Hello there, I’m Kathryn. Arts educator, mom, obsessive furniture re-arranger. My husband and I have been slowly renovating our small bungalow on a budget, finding ways to make an old home with almost no closets   modern and family friendly. Small changes and extravagances help manage that feeling of never being done.  And while its often exhausting,  small changes add up to big impact. Paint is a miracle worker. Spaces with lots of challenges can be made functional with a little trial and error. Walls aren’t as permanent as they seem. I design around narrow living spaces, a complete lack of storage, low ceilings, surprising building structures, a house in which nothing is level or square, active, growing children and general life. I bet you do too. This blog chronicles the before and afters we’ve completed and those we’re still dreaming about, as well as the ins and outs of daily life.

When I’m not obsessing about my next project or rearranging the furniture at midnight, I’m working to change the face of public education through the arts. By day (night, weekend) I’m the education director for a contemporary dance company, Mom to two kiddos, an avid reader and beginning gardener. I love to chat about all of this and am always up for a conversation. I can be reached via email at kathryn at designingaround dot com.

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