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The school year is winding down this week and the last couple of weeks have been packed with end of the year performances, meetings and other events. This weekend ushered in the last of the chaos before the unscheduled relative calm of summer begins.

Friday their school held its annual publishing party, where each child reads a book they’ve written this year. Emmeth took great pride in having written the longest book in her class and this year as I listened it was lovely to hear how her writing has progressed.Roan wrote a book too and with his teacher’s prompting to remember the words proudly shared his work.

Emmeth performed in her first ever dance showcase on Saturday. This was a really big deal around here, as she has dyspraxia. For years she’s felt unable to participate in anything requiring coordination and to see her up there, front of the line, doing her chasés and pas de bourrées with no anxiety, it was a big moment. She did some very intense integrative therapy last summer and most of this year, it was amazing to see how much that last round has changed her. I don’t have any pictures, I was a little too busy trying not to cry.

Monday we had at least 200 praying mantises hatch from our egg case, today all appear to be dead. Oh well. There’s still another egg case in there, but as the first lot ate all our fruit flies and died anyway I think I’ll just put it outside.

One of many Lego zip-lines.

In between rehearsals, work events and performances, there was organizing, gardening and general life. These days kids alternate between getting along famously, reading with each other and planning lemonade stands,  and fighting furiously over who gets the only yellow vitamin. They even fought over which drawer of the dishwasher they were going to unload. They are consistently ridiculous.

Sunday was spent trying to get the playroom ready for the summer invasion. We went through the toy bins aggressively and cleared out quite a bit. My take on toy organizing later this week, although looking at the basement through the blogging lens led me to realize how much we’ve left undone down there. More for the never-ending list.

I’m off today, my office is having carpet installed, giving me a much needed official break. Its my last week without a child around for at least a year so I must make the most of it. Hopefully I won’t run into this view again as I run my many errands. I do wonder where it was going.

I’m playing with the blog design and will continue to tinker with it for a while. Finn is going to try his hand at a header for me. Let me know what you think and if there’s anything you’d like to see. Coding is not happening, but I’m learning other things. Slowly. With lots of swearing.