Like many of you, I have my TV in the living room mounted to the wall. And like many of you, I really hate looking at it all the time. Its ugly and every time my kids see it they ask if they can watch a show. Which gets annoying.

I’d been pondering ways to cover it over for years and a few months ago finally hit on the solution. I purchased this print from 20×200. A print of books covering the TV spoke to the irony lover in me.  Even better, this is a print of art books and I had a discount code from fab.com. I picked up a frame at IKEA and turned the project over to Finn.

Finn took two straight framing straps and bent them to the approximate shape of our TV top so the picture would hang. He then attached them to the frame with small screws.

The addition of a few felt pads underneath protects the TV.

The frame just slips over the top.

Now I just need to get around to mounting and painting the cord cover.