And we’re back. Today let’s look at what we’re planning for this space. I put together a mood board and potential floor plan. The floor plan looks ridiculous, it illustrates just how tiny this space is.

Ignore how some of the furniture seems to overlap, its stock images, not exact measurements for what I’m working with. The floor plan is similar to Emmeth’s room, but a little more challenging as with her room I didn’t have to include the giant reading chair. That chair is really messing with the flow here. I think I’ve got it figured out though.

And now, the rainbow with extra green and gears mood board. The circles duvet cover is staying, it meets the rainbow criteria. I’m adding an olive-green quilt (no longer available) and these great gear sheets. Maybe a green pillow for fun.

Here’s how the rest of the room will play out.

I got a great deal on the rug I wanted for the space. 15% off, plus another coupon plus store credit and design dollars = very affordable rug. This will really lighten up the space and bring in more of the rainbow Roan wants. Plus when he changes his mind, it should go with pretty much any color scheme. Some gear decals for the walls, green curtains that I’ll be adding some thing to and that’s the bulk of the changes. Existing bed and chair are from Room and Board, pillow here.

The paint color is staying. Finn suggested painting a circuit board detail on the walls. I immediately pictured Abed’s Dreamatorium and was ready to nix it on the spot. I don’t think I could look at that everyday. A quick sketch set my mind at ease though and I think it will look great when done. Not sure yet if we’ll paint it or just use washi tape.

Our big project, though, will be figuring out how to create and install a sliding barn door in the entrance, similar to this one from House Tweaking.

It looks like there’s no wood behind the drywall where we’d need to mount the hardware (this was not even a little surprising to us, this house is ridiculous). Which means some drywall removal, 2 x 4 installation and drywall repair in addition to the door build. Nothing is ever simple in this house.  Finn has vacation time coming up however, and this project is the big one on the list.

So that’s the plan. I’ll start moving out furniture and painting this weekend, work on the door will begin in a couple of weeks. Anyone else have fun plans for the long weekend?