I mentioned earlier this week that a redo of the small one’s bedroom was up next in my list of projects. Let’s take a quick tour of his current set-up and look at what we’re thinking of changing.  Roan’s room is a mish-mash of furniture that was purchased originally for other areas of the house. The chair, rug and side table used to be in our living room (you can see them here).  We purchased the bed for our daughter and then gave it to him when we found a different option for her. It’s a good choice for a little boy though, steel beds are indestructible. The duvet cover was also originally Emmeth’s, purchased when she was three for her first room. Its held up really well.

Roan’s requested “rainbow with extra green, plus lots of gears” for his room. This means the duvet cover is staying.  The big brown chair is staying as well.  While its large for this space, its fabulous for family reading before bed (Emmeth knits in the bean bag next to it while we read). As you can see I’ve also picked up a rainbow chevron pillow to begin bringing colors from the duvet over. The duvet contains pinks and purples, as well as the blues, greens, orange and  red.  I’ll be repeating only the greens, blues, orange and red in the other elements. I did the opposite when the duvet was in Emmeth’s room.

The wall color, I think, is staying. It needs some patching, but Roan likes it. I just replaced the billy bookshelves that had held his books (they moved to the reading nook here) and clothes bins with this Expedit, which holds larger bins. He was insistent that his clothes stay in bins, not a dresser. As he generally just dumps things when putting away his laundry this seems like a fine solution. The rocket is going however, he’s not into rockets. They are so 4 years old.

We picked up a desk for him at Brown Elephant, he’s asked that we paint it “rainbow”.  Alrighty then. I see several pots of paint samples in its future. And my parents made him a fabulous light switch plate recently to his specifications.

Up first, however, is the floor. I painted the rest of the upstairs floors white last summer, but as all of the beds were shoved in Roan’s room while I did it, his are still black.

That project is on the agenda for this weekend, along with patch painting throughout the room. The room color seems too dark now, I’m hopeful that once the floors are white the blue will lighten up.

So, rainbow with extra green and gears.  Done in a way that it doesn’t drive me nuts when I see it everyday from my room. I do like a challenge. I’ll be back tomorrow to share what we’re planning in more detail.