I’ve been spending so, so much time in the office these days. May is always a busy month when you work in education and the addition of a couple of extra projects, plus the subtraction of one of my staff (new babies, yay!) has meant I’ve been regularly pulling 60+ hour weeks. I’m really lucky to have space for a home office, something we carved out when we finished the basement a few years ago and I began working from home more. I recently redecorated the space, working to make it brighter with a more functional layout. Let me show you around.

Here’s the before. Let’s just pretend I left the mess there on purpose so the after would be more dramatic.

One of the original two bedrooms in the home, the office space is small, just 9 feet by 11 feet, and home to one of our only closets. 9 x 11 is a good size for an office though and we have enough space to eventually add a dedicated homework area with computers for the kids. The room is just off the front living room, with an open doorway.  The location is useful not only for keeping an eye on kids when they’re home, but also for occasional meetings. No one has to come too far into my home and it feels professional. The color was too dark for the space however and that round table just wasn’t working for my needs or the kids. I moved in a desk that had been in front of the living room windows, added a rug that had been in our bedroom at one point and was now looking for a new home. Suddenly everything started to come together.

The color scheme is similar to our bedroom, as many of the elements that I’d had up there moved down here when Making it Lovely redid the space for us. Even the color is the same, as I had half a gallon left over and really liked the color. So I have pale blue walls with white trim and a graphic yellow rug with navy and gray accents. Navy, yellow and gray repeat in the other elements of the room to bring things together.

The bookshelves are the ubiquitous Ikea Billys and house everything from home files to electronics project. They take up a lot of space, but they are the key making the space work while keeping clutter out of sight (don’t look behind the doors, the paper’s there for a reason). There are still a few elements I need to change out (green boxes) but I’m really pleased with how things came together using what I already had. Someday I’d like to build in the bookcases, similar to this, but I can live with them in this arrangement happily for quite a while.

A gallery wall organized prints and kids artwork that we’d wanted to showcase for years. I made the curtains from some of my favorite Dwell Studio fabric, which I purchased at a major discount, then lined with white curtains left over from another project.

The opposite wall houses our Stendig calendar. It needs to be re-centered now, that’s on the eventually list.

Across from my desk sits the recently redone bulletin board over my grandmother’s dresser. The dresser will soon (relatively) be replaced with a homemade narrow desk to organize kids homework and likely computers. This is the inspiration image for that project.

We’re planning to mount two monitors to the wall above and house a mac mini or two below. The chairs are on the project list as well, they need to be reupholstered. They’ve been on the project list for about ten years as I move them from room to room and change my mind about fabric.

This room also houses our only full-length mirror. I’d really like to get rid of it, but until I find a good home for its replacement I suppose it should stay. Although given the amount of “I hate my outfit” drama that’s starting with the tall one I may just rip it out sooner. Its old and pocked and makes no sense in the space. It does give you a good view of the rug though, and a rare view of the blogger.

So, that’s where I’ve been spending my time. Its been absolutely gorgeous here the last few days. My garden is overgrown and my house is a disaster.  I hope to make it out of here sometime before June (perhaps I picked the wrong month to start a blog). Until then, here is where you’ll find me. Additional source information can be found on Pinterest as always.