I had a moment last weekend when I tripped over a scooter/ball/pile of broken chalk trying to get in our front door. A moment that likely involved a lot of swearing and ended in the realization that it was time to take control. Before someone injured themselves severely and sued us for negligence.

I started by clearing everything off. You can’t see it all, as I moved some before it occurred to me to take photos. All in there were four scooters, two shovels, two brooms, 8 balls, one frisbee, containers of ice melt, a bicycle bell and a gazillion pieces of chalk.  Our porch is tiny, only about 8 feet by four feet. Plus a lot of dirt, leaves, etc. Gross.

I swept it all out and then solidified my crazy neighborhood lady rep by steam cleaning the porch. Which didn’t really have much effect but made me feel better. Then I set about  finding a way to fit it all back in, attractively and without creating an obstacle course. Scooters that hadn’t rusted open were folded, a ball cage was pulled out of the shed and put to better use and a tub trug now corrals all the chalk. These things get used regularly so I need to contain them in child friendly and accessible ways. A new welcome mat from chez Target and things are looking better. And bonus, it’s stayed this way for a week, despite use, so I think it just might work.

Welcome friends, come on in. No need to sue me for injuries.

Does anyone else find it satisfying to steam clean their porch? Or is it just me (I think it’s probably just me). What small projects have you taken on lately?