We harvested our first crop of vegi’s today from our tiny garden for dinner. I have a 4 foot by 6 foot patch that we use as an experimental garden, working to show my urban kids what the food they eat looks like before it hits the grocery store. Today’s choice was kale, which I cooked up for this lovely dish from Jules. I used quinoa instead of rice, as the small one doesn’t eat eggs much lately and could use the protein. Everyone voted it delish and the tall one has requested it for her birthday dinner. High praise indeed.

Inspired by our harvest, the small one decided it was time to impart his garden advice to the world and asked me to capture a video for all my friends (you can’t make this stuff up). I was then told to make it fancy. We have high standards here. I’m not sure what’s up with all the airplanes that suddenly flew over and of course please ignore the hideous pink pipe. Painting it and hiding the ac unit are on the eventually list.