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The tall one’s birthday is Friday which means we have a party coming up next weekend. I mean Partay – cause if a house full of 10-year-old girls doesn’t equal a rocking good time I don’t know what does. Am I right? (I am probably not right. Not right at all. But they are considerably more self-sufficient than a house full of 5-year-old girls, so that’s a bonus). I asked said tall one what she would like to do for her party and she replied “Just ask all my friends to bring their handwork over and we’ll hang out and have cake.” That’s right, for her birthday my almost 10-year-old would like to sit around and knit with her friends. And eat cake. Man I love that kid. I totally don’t understand her, but I really, really love her.

However, I, in my infinite wisdom, suggested that perhaps, just maybe, we should have one or two things to do for those who are not quite as good knitters as my grandmother. I mean daughter.  In particular, I’d been planning for a while to have them make terrariums, so that I could force them to enjoy my obsession. Luckily she agreed to go along, especially after I showed her my inspiration pin and added in that we could make them “go-go” terraria. (terrariums?) Have you seen these things? Little plastic creatures, some of them are really kind of interesting. But mostly they are clutter. At any rate, they are the latest must have craze at her little school so a go-go terrarium was received as a brilliant idea.

Inspiration pin.Gorgeous, isn’t it? Via Rachelthebish on etsy.

I though we could take parts of this idea and modify it to fit my budget and their skills. I found similar vessels, but even at Homegoods they were $10-$15. Which is too much multiplied by 10 girls. Plus they are big, which is a lot of plant material and rocks. So looking smaller, I thought about stemless wine glasses. I worried they would be too delicate with the rocks though. Mason jars, but I didn’t like the writing on the outside for this. Ikea to the rescue. I found these jars and decided they would be perfect. Ordered moss from etsy, grabbed small river rocks at Ikea too and larger ones, as well as pink pebbles, at Michael’s. This weekend I set about seeing if it would all work. I had in mind that I would create hills with the river rocks, cover them in moss, create a little path with the pebbles and use sticks and sculpy to create the little houses.

So I set up shop.

And realized there was no way my idea was going to work. I’d thought the moss would come in fairly thin sheets, like it does in the store packages, but greener. This was very alive and at least an inch thick. Any bending and it fell apart. No dice. Good thing I decided to try this before giving the girls directions. So instead of putting rocks under, I tried just shoving the moss in the jar. It kind of worked. It looked like grass anyway and I could sort of push it up in areas so it looked a little more interesting. I dropped in some of the pebbles in a v to suggest a path.  Then I looked at the lichen and realized a piece of it could maybe look like a tree. Much better. Added in a go-go figure and decided that the concept worked and the kids would come up with lots more ideas. The tall one came over and approved it, asking if they could still sculpt things to put in it. Yes. Yes indeed. Cause doing it this way only took five minutes dear and we have a lot more time to kill, I mean creatively craft in, during your party. So, without further ado, the go-go mini-terrarium.

Oh, and for all those wondering. Yes, she did get her ears pierced this weekend. With a minimum of anxiety (for her) and tears. She’s so proud. And I’m relieved to report, for other mamas with sensory girls, that thus far there are no lingering effects other than the worry that somehow they are going to fall out. Oh, that girl. She does look grown up now, doesn’t she?