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I’m working on figuring out some sort of schedule for this blog. Pondering exactly what I’d like it to be about. I started it after pressure from Facebook friends to expand my posts about my children, but I’ve been interested in presenting my inspiration and work on our home as well for a while now. And while I’ve written two narratives here about the kids, it’s not the same as the material that goes on Facebook. I’m hesitant to put that here. The tall one is ten next week and I want to make sure she has the opportunity to define herself online. Part of me wonders if that will even matter to her however, her generation has grown up with this media and views the interwebs and privacy differently than I do. There is power in the sharing of the everyday acts of parenting, it is the appeal of Facebook and the ability to share my kids quirks and laugh and learn together in this space is a powerful draw. I’m torn. So for those of you who began reading thinking this would be an extension of the Facebook conversations we’ve created, I’m thinking about it. And I’m open to ideas.

But for now, let’s get to the inspiration and fun. And a bit of sharing what the kids did this week.

There’s been some really great writing this week, particularly with the project started by Creature Comforts, “things I’m afraid to tell you”. I’ve always been amazed by what the process of writing allows us to reveal and the choices these bloggers made to reveal publicly deeply held thoughts and fears is inspiring. Nicole’s post on Making it Lovely was one of my favorites, especially in light of what we’ve been thinking for our children’s education.

The Bookfessions tumblr. I often have to choose between reading and sleep.

I’ve been pinning a lot of random things on Pinterest this week, here are a couple of my favorites.

Love the way the colors play together in this dining room. I’ve been pondering a color change for mine (I suppose I should show you what it looks like now first) and  I love a good dark gray and teal.

The tall one’s birthday party is next week. I’m pondering ways to adapt this lovely setting to our yard for the girls terrarium projects.

And while I’m still figuring out exactly how I bring the kids hijinks into this blog, here are a few Facebook highlights from the week.

The small one just came up and said “I just hate my life.” Awesome. Another dramatic child.

Giving the tall one advice I need to hear myself. “Getting upset over something that may or may not happen never gets you anywhere.”

The tall one just stomped upstairs and threw herself across her bed because six times six does not equal 38.

There are children downstairs screaming the words to The Sound of Music like it’s a headbanging rock concert.

Have a lovely weekend. We’re taking the tall one to get her ears pierced tomorrow. Will report back as to whether or not that project succeeds next week.  We’ll also take a look at the third, and I think final, installment of Anatomy of a Room: the Living Room series, explore some tutorials for the tall one’s crafty birthday projects in a  Living with post and perhaps even get into the garden. Which is currently overgrown with weeds with all the rain and warm we’ve had this spring.