One of the Facebook comments I got after yesterday’s post concerned clutter. Specifically books. And being overrun by them, yet loving and valuing their presence in the home. Which I completely understand. I have approximately 70 gazillion books. English major, worked at a bookstore to put myself through college = major book hoarding issues. And I love my books, I love what they tell people about who I am, they are conversation starters. They are old friends. They belong in my home. All over my home. But also. They. are. cluttery. (I can’t quite bring myself to call them clutter). Sooooooooo. How does one deal with old friends that you want to see all the time that are kind of in the way and sometimes you wish they’d just go home?¬† Well, first you make sure they really and truly are old friends. It’s ok to edit the books people. It really is, pass the ones you don’t reach for again and again to a new home. Then you look for new ways to keep the remaining books close. I have books stashed all over the house. I have them on shelves in some places, such as the kids book nook above, which corals a lot of their stash where we read together near their rooms. My books, however, are everywhere.

I have them here.

And here.

Especially here.(Thanks Nicole)

And even here.

I use them to add height to arrangements. I find ways to display them differently on books shelves. I purposefully have some books in every room in the house, generally with a place to sit and read them nearby. I want my kids to constantly trip over things to read. Which sometimes means that I do too and my house looks like this.

Especially after I’ve just gone through the house collecting all the library books to take back. I have one more book stashing secret. It’s still rather controversial in the book world, although its gaining ground. I have a kindle. And I really love it. I love it not only for its ability to find me books at 11 pm whilst in my pj’s but also because of its ability to help me master clutter. I do miss seeing my books in the same way. But I really like having 150 books on my nightstand.

What about you, what’s your book stance?

ps. I just bought this for the kids book nook. Isn’t it awesome?!