Last weekend found me searching for an answer to the clutter that collects by our back door. Bags, papers, the general ephemera of family life. Its an awkward doorway. Narrow, coming straight into the dining room and kitchen with an odd assortment of angles and functions.

I wanted something with some storage options, but needed it to be really narrow. To the left of this view is our kitchen and I almost stood on our dining table to take this picture. I found the Hemnes shoe cabinet at Ikea (and in the sale area no less). Its dimensions fit, although its aesthetics were a bit lacking. Not really digging the boring hardware.  A quick search at Anthropologie for replacement knobs turned up these lovelies. The new hardware arrived today. A simple change that makes a big difference.


After. Shining light and all.

Ignore the bit that’s still backwards. I am.