We have a teeny, tiny bathroom. So tiny that I can’t get in there to show you pictures of its tinyness. Six feet by six feet. It is our only bathroom. There are four of us. One of us will soon be a teenage girl. Don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll all be fine. Right? Anyway, on to today’s update.

So, the bathroom, it is teensy, yes, we’ve established this. And with a small bathroom comes many obstacles (oh, so many obstacles), but also. Opportunity. Or so I tell myself. In this case, opportunity to take risks. Go bold. Copy what everyone else is doing. Wait, what? Yes. Those of you that follow design blogs obsessively as I do may have noticed this trend. The take an old brass chandelier, spray paint the crap out of it and call it fabulous trend. I submit Pinterest for evidence, although I have to admit it was Mandi‘s amazing purple octopus that convinced me to go for it. I’m all for trends that work and oh yes, this one totally works for me. So, on to the pictures. I have no before pictures. Sorry, still new at this documenting everything. However, imagine a standard ugly brass chandelier. $10 at a thrift store. Perfect for transformation. We had a lovely spring week last week so I dragged it outside with a can of Lagoon spray paint and did this to it.

Yes, yes, I see the horrible ceiling where the boob light once was. I have a plan for that too. That’s right, it is another trend. I am nothing if not trendy.  Stay tuned for the ceiling transformation. And one of the most horrendous before pictures you’ve ever seen.